Safety & Wellness

Our employees’ overall health and safety is so important to our company that we have a Safety and Wellness Officer to ensure wellbeing. Our employees are the face of ABC, and we want happy and healthy technicians in front of our customers on the job site.


Construction, Industrial and Institutional Environments can present dangers. To comply with OSHA Regulations, we have a dedicated Safety and Wellness Officer (SWO) who is OSHA Certified and up-to-date with the safety rules and regulations. Our SWO conducts weekly informational training sessions at each of our staff meetings, including a safety presentation to communicate new OSHA guidelines and directives as well as review any specific safety concerns.

We make certain our technicians have the latest technology, updated tools/instruments and equipment to reach, measure and calibrate to perform each job with excellence. We provide our technicians a maintained company truck to travel and company-issued uniforms, along with safety and work equipment. Our technicians are easily identifiable and arrive well-prepared at each job site.


Our company invests in our employees’ overall well-being. Each month, our SWO focuses on a specific health topic such as mental health, mindful activities, apps and any resources that are readily available to our employees.

And we have fun, too! We have had several weight loss challenges in past years, but In 2019, our company embarked on our first ever “Summer Shred” Challenge. It was so much fun yet effective! Seven teams of employee, spouses and others volunteered to participate in the wellness competition over a fifteen-week period. The competition was closely monitored by our SWO who utilized: fitness activities, nutrition counseling, group support activities, tracking systems (fitness apps), measurements and fitness evaluations to effectively manage the challenge.

The results in 15 weeks were impressive! Collectively, 221 pounds were lost, blood pressures went down (some significantly), healthy eating practices were established, lifestyle changes were made, and group fitness incentives had a positive outcome for everyone involved. Ultimately, the Four Amigos Team won the competition.

ABC is continuing its focus on wellness by keeping our employees healthy and active to live their best life!

With the onset of the Covid 19 Pandemic, Air Balancing Company was called into action. ABC was presented some additional challenges that were immediately addressed with new procedures and supplies procured. Throughout the 15-month period, ABC was able to provide continuous service to our customers and provide clean airflow to minimize any negative impacts to our area’s government essential buildings. We are very proud to use our skills and contribute to keeping our county productive and providing safe-air environments.